China Standard Customized ABS Plastic Injection Molded Front Bumper Car Parts

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Customized ABS Plastic Injection Molded Front Bumper Car Parts

Generally, we pack our goods in neutral blank boxes and brown cartons. And the crate will be added if needed. Make sure the goods in safe.We can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.The most reasonable shipping plan and method will be offered. A safe, quick and cheap shipping company will be recommended to you. 

Product name Multi cavity hot runner injection mould supplier
Mould Material P20,P20H,718,718H,738,738H,2316,M300,S136,S136H,NAK80,CR12,CR12MOV,SKD11,DF-2,SKS3,D2,SLD,DC53,H13,SKD61,2344,8407,HD,8418,FDAC,M2,SKH-9,SKH-51,M35,M42,ASP23
Main Technology Milling, grinding, CNC, EDM, wire cutting, carving, EDM, lathes, surface Finish, etc.
Base material P20, 2738, 2344, 718, S136, 8407, NAK80, SKD61, H13
Main Technology Milling, grinding, CNC, EDM, wire cutting, carving, EDM, lathes, surface Finish, etc.
Equipment CNC, EDM, Cutting off Machine, plastic machinery, plastic part, etc
Mould Cavity One cavity, multi-cavity or same different products be made together
Runner System Hot runner and cold runner
Finish Pitting the word, mirror finish, matte surface, striae
Mould Life 300-500K shots
Mould Precision +/-0.05mm–+/-0.1mm
Producing Process Audit drawings – mold flow analysis – design validation – Custom Materials – mold processing – core processing – electrode machining – Runner system processing – parts processing and procurement – machining acceptance – cavity surface treatment process – complex mode Die – The entire mold surface coating – Mounting plate – mold sample – sample test – sending

Project Management Process:

Company Profile:

Customer Visiting:

Work Shop:

1. We are a manufacturer specialized in OEM injection CHINAMFG from design to rapid prototype to mold to mass production for more than 13 years.  
2. Long term cooperation with some Top Brand Auto Industry, such as CHINAMFG . 
3. We can assemble a complicated products. Providing samples with important dimensions and customizing inspection report material certification to customers for validation and verification. 
4. Equipment includes CNC, EDM, grinding machine, injection machine (from 45ton to 1000ton), we can supply high precision and complex injection molds and products . 
5. We offer unique solutions to your products at a competitive price and best service. 
6. Strict quality control. The factory has the most advanced testing equipment to ensure the precision of the mold. 
7. Your products will enter the supermarket, we can design a package for you.
8. Quick mold making and on-time delivery. 
9.  We accept small order quantity, look CHINAMFG to receiving your inquiry.
10. Excellent R&D teams, Professional technicians and rich experienced workers 
11. Providing good After-sale service, if the products have any quality problems, we will take charge of it. 

Packing & Shipping:

Frequent Asked Questions

Q1: When can I get the price?
A1: Normally quotation would be submitted within 24 hours  after receipt of your inquiry. If it’s very urgent, please shoot us an email or give us a call, we will do it as priority. 

Q2: How long is the lead time for mold?
A2: It depends on products’ size and part structure. Our normal lead time is 25-35 days. 

Q3: I have no 3D drawing, how should I start the new project?
A3: Samples or an idea or a sketch will be good too. My engineering department can design the 3D drawing on the new project. 

Q4: Before shipment, how to make sure the products quality?
A4: We are specialized in high quality products. We have QC to inspect the products before each shipment. You can come to visit our factory or ask a third party for inspection. Or we can send you videos to show the production process.

Q5: How could I pay them?
A5: T/T, Paypal payment are acceptable. Just let us know which is convenient for you.

Q6: Can I get discounts?
A6: Yes, we give reasonable discounts for large orders, regular customers and frequent customers.

Q7: Which shipment way is available?
A7:  a. FOB HangZhou.
       b. CIF to the nearest port in your country.
       c. DDP or DDU by sea to your door.
       d. Express (Alibaba express, DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS)
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Material: PC
Application: Medical, Household, Electronics, Automotive
Certification: ISO


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Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

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China Standard Customized ABS Plastic Injection Molded Front Bumper Car Parts  China Standard Customized ABS Plastic Injection Molded Front Bumper Car Parts
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