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HZPT locking components are friction locking shaft-hub connections manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards
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We not only always provide competent advice to ambitious customers based on nearly 100 years of experience and expertise, but also work with them to implement demand-based, application-oriented solutions to ensure safe, trouble-free and economical machines and equipment Operation-through our desire to become a performance partner.

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Under our powerful HZPT brand, we develop, manufacture and supply superior locking assemblies to meet the highest functional and durability requirements of a wide range of industries worldwide.

machine tools

HZPT solutions, such as powerful shaft-shaft connections, shaft-hub connections and damping systems, are used in various fields of mechanical engineering. These solutions meet the demanding performance and functionality standards that are constantly required by specific application areas. For example, this applies to the required longevity and durability.

medical technologies

Pharmaceutical equipment, instruments and equipment for related research, diagnosis and treatment meet the highest requirements for accuracy, reliability and cleanliness-especially thanks to the standards and special solutions designed by HZPT for these purposes. We are committed to the HZPT locking device and mainly used in this application: always comply with the strictest hygiene and sterility guidelines.

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Locking assemblies are suitable for the precise fastening of all types of hubs, such as gears, traveling wheels and sprockets, levers, cam discs, belts and brake discs, sliding sleeve gears, couplings or flanges, shafts and shafts. In contrast to external clamping connections (such as shrink discs), the locking assembly is installed between the shaft and the hub.

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