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About PU O-Rings, we can make any size according to your requirements.
Both Standard sizes and Nonstandard sizes can be made.
Color can be made according to your demands.
Hardness can be 60ShA to 90ShA.

The service life of polyurethane o-ring is 5 to 10 times more than rubber o-ring.
High performance under high pressure.
Low compression set.
Long service life.

Operating Conditions:
Pressure: ≤ 50Mpa
Temperature: -30~+100° C
Speed: ≤ 1m/s

Material: CPU/TPU/MPU/PU
Hardness: 60 to 95 Shore A
Color: Any Color According to Pantone’s color number.

Our factory specializes in making rubber molded gasket and ring seals to meet different requirements. Most of our rubber parts are customized according to the drawings or samples or descriptions. With complete advanced production equipment and test equipment, we can make perfect seals and gaskets, widely used in various felids as Machine, Automotive, Oilfield, Ship, Medicine, Electronics, Chemicals, Antistatic, Flame Retardant, Food and Other Industries etc.

The Advantages and Property
1. Super Sealing and Anti Vibration function
2. Good Quality of Rubber Materials with High Elasticity, Insolation, Waterproof and Excellent Wear Resistant, Aging Resistant, High/Low Temperature, Anti-Corrosion and Dust Proof etc.
3.  Environment Protection and Non Toxic.
Certificates of SGS, CE, RoSH, REACH and TS16949
4. Factory with safety and stability.
5. OEM and ODM are welcome
6. Rubber Materials are certificated by official authority with famous brands.
7. Fast Delivery. Have stock or make fast

Different Materials of Rubber Seals and Gaskets have different property and are used in different situation

Raw Materail Hardness Color Temperature Advantage Use
Nitrile Rubber
40 to 90 ShA Black, White,
Blue, Green,
Yellow etc
-30 to 120ºC Excellent Oil and Water Resistance,
Oil and Water Situation
Hydrogenate Nitrile
40 to 90 ShA Black -50 to 150ºC Excellent Oil and Water Resistance,
Cold Resustance
Cold Resistance Situation
Silicone Rubber
30 to 90 ShA Black, Clear,
White, Red,
Yellow, Blue
-60 to 220ºC Good Heat&Cold Resistance,  Lubrication Oil Resistance,
Water Resistance.
Food&Medicine Situation
Ethylene Propylene Rubber
40 to 90 ShA Black, Grey -50 to 150ºC Excellent Ozone7Aging Resistance,
Heat&Cold Resistance,
Steam Resistance
Ozone,Water-Proof Situation
Fluorine Rubber
50 to 90 ShA Black, Grown
-20 to 250ºC Excellent Oil, Heat,
Acid&Alkali Resistance
Oil Resistance&Chemical
Neoprene Rubber
60 to 90 ShA Black -40 to 120ºC Excellent Mechanical Strength$
 Fatigue resistance
Fluorinated Silicone Rubber
60 to 90 ShA Black -50 to 200ºC Excellent Heat&Cold Resistance,
Oil&Chemical Resistance
All Situation


The Advantages of our company
1. Super Production Line with Advanced Production Equipment and Test Equipment.
2. Competitive Prices and High Quality and Fast Delivery from Our Professional Engineers.
3. Tool Department designs the precise tools according to your drawings or samples.
This can supply great Samples and Goods with perfect dimensions.
4. All the Raw Material are passed Quality Certification from the famous Suppliers.
5. We have the special Supervision Department to Supervise the whole process, Including opening tooling, preparing raw material, making samples, making mass goods, packing and shipment etc.
6. OEM and ODM are welcome


Packing and Shipment
1. 100 pcs or 200 pcs are packed in PE Bag, then certain quantity are put into Carton Box.
2.  Packing List was put in each Carton Box with details.
3. 8 Sets or Certain Quantity of Carton Box are put on 1 Non-fumigation Pallet, then wrapped by Plastic Film.
4. We have our own forwarder with Rich Experience in delivery arrangement to optimize the most economic and fastest shipping way including BY SEA,  BY AIR or BY EXPRESS etc.

1. Q: What is our advantage products?
    A: Our core products are Customized Rubber Seals and Rubber Gaskets and PU Seals etc.
2. Q: What is our main product range?
    A: CHINAMFG is professional on making any size & shape of rubber seals including Standard sizes and Nonstandard sizes,Such as  O-Rings, Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Flat Gasket, Customized Seals and Gaskets etc. 

3. Q: Which types of material can we produce?
    A: NBR, FKM, Silicone, EPDM, HNBR, CR, PEEK, PTFE, PU, FFKM, ACM and Aflas etc.

4. Q: Which information do we need to know for your offer?
    A: Product Name with the Type, Material, Dimension(Or Drawing), Quantity

5. Q: What is the packaging on the goods?
    A:  Goods pasted with the label is usually packed with PP bag inside and Carton Box outside.   
        Special package can be made according to the requirement.

6. Q: Which payment items we can do?
    A: T/T, L/C and Western Union etc. 

7. Q: Which the delivery way we can do?
    A: For small package, it can be shipped By DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, SF or Aramex etc.
         For big quantity order, it can be shipped By Sea or By Air

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Material: PU
Application: Cylinder
Type: Stationary Seal
Performance: Temperature
Shape: O-Ring
Standard: Standard, Nonstandard
US$ 0.1/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




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China OEM Professional Made Custom Silicone Rubber Products Molded Silicone Rubber Parts  China OEM Professional Made Custom Silicone Rubber Products Molded Silicone Rubber Parts
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